Abstract Web Infections and Protections WIPP: Personal Privacy and Perfect Security

Web Infections and Protections (WIPP): Personal Privacy and Perfect Security?
Bruce Healton and Arnold Kwong

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Web Infections and Protections (WIPP) is a series of papers, presentations, and technical references developed by Healton, Kwong, and Lancaster (1998-onwards).

The initial purpose of Web Infections and Protections was to research and discuss emerging threats against computers, networks, and infrastructure by new techniques and attack vectors not previously explored. A key analysis technique was the application of biological contagion models to the existence of infectious objects spreading between computing nodes via networks and other connections. Continuing Web Infections and Protections research explores the strategy, protocols, and futures involved with ongoing Security Information Practices, conduct of technical practitioners, and the behavior of the immersive environment we now live in.

This presentation will look at who, how, and why for the daily assaults on your data privacy and security, what steps you can do to mitigate those assaults, and we will make some predictions about the future.

“Web Infections and Protections (WIPP): Personal Privacy and Perfect Security?” gives an overview of the pernicious world of privacy invasion and security lapses with an objective look into methods, motivations, tradeoffs, and potential mitigations. Topics range from perpetrators, methods, modern conveniences, mitigation techniques, and future issues.

The planned discussion is restricted to a light to moderate technical level and is accessible.