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Past Meetings Jan-Jun 2013 (redirected from Past Meetings Jan-May 2013)

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NEW 2013

Minnesota Futurists Front Page


Jan 05, 2013

Future Studies

Title: Development of Timelines

Presenter: George Kubik


Jan 12, 2013

Topic:Economic Futures

Title: Building the Global Innovation Economy       

Presenter:R Rydberg

Ref:Building the Global Innovation Economy 2013


Jan 19, 2013

Technology Futures                              

Title: Potpourri of Technology and Current Events

Moderator: David Keenan

Abstract: Attendees Select


Jan 26, 2013

Society, Management, Education Futures 

Title: Changing the Education Paradigm

Presenters/Moderators: Brian Toren and David Keenan

Abstract: This SIG starts with a 9 minute RSA animation video describing the present education paradigm and the need for a new paradigm. Required changes will be highlighted and three approaches to changing the education paradigm presented: the top down, bottom up and a combination of the two. A fourth topic: "Why Centralized and Decentralized Strategies Are Both Essential" is included. The attributes of each of these and how they can be used to implement the required paradigms in the furture will be discussed by the participants.

Ref:Changing Education Paradigms

Presentation: How to change ed.ppt


Feb 9, 2013

Futures Forum

Title: Current Events for the Future

Moderator: David Keenan

Abstract: All right class, for Current Events for the Future, everyone should prepare one item to present to the class for 3 to 5 minutes, on any subject for the future.  


Feb 16, 2013

Technology Futures                              

Title: Book Report

Speaker: Eric Hand

Abstract: Eric will discuss the new book "How to Create a Mind" by futurist Ray Kurzweil. 

Ray Kurzweil, the bold futurist and author of The New York Times bestseller of The Singularity Is Near, is arguably today’s most influential technological visionary. A pioneering inventor and theorist, he has explored for decades how artificial intelligence can enrich and expand human capabilities.


Now, in his much-anticipated How to Create a Mind, he takes this exploration to the next step: reverse-engineering the brain to understand precisely how it works, then applying that knowledge to create vastly intelligent machines.


Drawing on the most recent neuroscience research, his own research and inventions in artificial intelligence, and compelling thought experiments, he describes his new theory of how the neocortex (the thinking part of the brain) works: as a self-organizing hierarchical system of pattern recognizers. Kurzweil shows how these insights will enable us to greatly extend the powers of our own mind and provides a roadmap for the creation of superintelligence—humankind's most exciting next venture. We are now at the dawn of an era of radical possibilities in which merging with our technology will enable us to effectively address the world’s grand challenges.


How to Create a Mind is certain to be one of the most widely discussed and debated science books in many years—a touchstone for any consideration of the path of human progress.


Video of Ray's Nov 2012 talk at "Authors at Google" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zihTWh5i2C4 


Feb 23, 2013

Society, Management and Education Futures

Title: “Exploring The Process Of Designing For An Outstanding  Future”, a creativity collaboration workshop 

Speaker: Bill Peter

Abstract: Bill Peter will facilitate a very interactive group discussion on this topic using the attached page as a starting point.



Mar 2, 2013

Future Studies  

Title: Coming Soon

Speaker: David Keenan

Abstract: A look at several near future trends.


Mar 9, 2013

Economic Futures or Futures Forum

Title: Alternative Worlds

Speaker: TBA

Abstract: Discussing various trends predicted by 2030 by the National Intelligence Council and discussing what will be the effects on our domestic and the global economy. 

Ref: http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/06/25/cato-institute-and-koch-brothers-reach-agreement/



Mar 16, 2013

Technology Futures 

Title: Current State and Future of Supercomputers

Presenter: Dr Earl Joseph Jr.

Moderator: Brian Toren

Abstract: Earl will cover the latest trends in technical computing and supercomputers along with forecasts of the future. The talk will look at how different countries around the world are using supercomputers to improve their economies, innovation and research. Supercomputer technology has been through major shifts and evolutions over the last decade, and is expected to go through a new revolution in the next 5 to 8 years.

Bio: Earl Joseph, Program Vice President of IDC's High-Performance Systems, drives research and consulting efforts associated with the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific markets for technical servers and supercomputers. This research includes market sizing, market share, segmentation, tracking, trending, and vendor analysis for the multi-user technical server technology. Dr. Joseph advises IDC clients on the competitive, managerial, technological, integration and implementation issues for technical servers. Dr. Joseph is also heading up IDC's high-end HPC user forum activities.

Dr. Joseph's areas of expertise include technical computers from entry-level servers to high-end capability supercomputers, software, storage and networking solutions for technical computing. He has worked for four technical computing companies in multiple marketing and R&D roles. Dr. Joseph has a strong background in computer technologies and future directions in technical computing. Prior to joining IDC, Dr. Joseph spent his 29 year career in IT in the HPC market space, most recently at SGI and Cray Research. Dr. Joseph has recently worked closely with the leading HPC users around the world on their current and future market requirements.

Dr. Joseph holds a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota where his research focus was the strategic management of high technology firms, and an undergraduate degree in business and technology from the University of Minnesota.

Slides: Dr Joseph's Presentation.pdf

Audio track: MNF Supercomputing Futures E Joseph Jr.WMA


Mar 23, 2013

Society, Management and Education Futures

Title:  Society Future trends

Speaker: David Keenan

Abstract: We review societal trends from 4 different sources.

PresentationMNF-Society Future Trends-23Mar13.ppt


International Data Corporation (IDC) http://www.idc.com/


Mar 30, 2013

Peace Futures - North korea

Speaker:Brian Toren


Hyeonseo Lee: My escape from North Korea




April 6, 2013

Future Studies

Title: The Emerging Revolution in 3D Printing and Fabrication

Presenter: George Kubik, PhD (Anticipatory Futures Group, LLC)

Abstract: What are “Fab Shops”? Fab shops are digital-based fabrication shops that use 3d printing to produce physical products. Although Fab Shops are a fairly recent phenomenon, they are rapidly expanding in abundance, popularity, and importance. They are also exerting a growing impact on the global scene: 3D fabrication capabilities are rapidly democratizing the processes of design and production, and they are driving what some observers refer to as the new industrial revolution.


As a result of ongoing breakthroughs in 3d printing, two trends are emerging: (1) Industrial fabbers are producing increasingly complex and larger multi-material products; and, (2) Rapidly decreasing costs of 3D printers are enabling home fabbers to create small-scale digital factories. The resulting range of fab shops are enabling dramatic increases in the production of customized products and the integration of increasing numbers of consumers in design and production processes. “Fabbers” (digital fabricators) are also enabling the production of an accelerating range of products with ever-decreasing product lifecycles, and on-demand manufacture of spare parts and customized products in limited numbers.


In the future, it is forecast that the growing number of Fab shops, coupled with the Internet of Things and the increased availability of intelligent materials and high-performance synthetics, will result in a new industrial revolution. Printed vehicles, houses, and guns are among the subjects that we will review and discuss. Sound too good to be true, join us Saturday (06-Apr-2013) and judge for yourself.

3D Printers below $20,000  http://www.additive3d.com/3dpr_cht.htm (David K)

Future of organs? Synthetic tissue built with 3-D printer 4Apr13 (David) 




April 13, 2013

Economic Futures
Presenter: Jim Zitek

Title: Is it possible to determine where the economy and markets will be in 2013 or 2015?

In spite of the economy and markets being very complex, dynamic and behavior oriented, it is possible to forecast the future if you are not ridgeley positive or negative; if you understand how the markets work today vs. yesterday and if you have a platform from which to view the big events. We will discuss the platform and the view at the SIG.

Check out Gerald Celente Blog http://www.geraldcelente.com/  - mentioned in Jim's talk 


April 20, 2013

Technology Futures

Title: Future Technologies in Energy

Presenters: Brian Toren and Hank Lederer

Abstract: In the future, civilization will be forced to research and develop alternative energy sources. Our current rate of fossil fuel usage will lead to an energy crisis this century. In order to survive the energy crisis many companies in the energy industry are inventing new ways to extract energy from renewable sources. While the rate of development is slow, mainstream awareness and government pressures are growing. This SIG addresses the future of energy technologies.


aFuture Energy Tech Sig.pptx

Future Energy Tech Sig.pdf


April 27, 2013

Society, Management & Education Futures

Title: Future Ethics in Technology

Presenter: David Keenan



May 4, 2013

Future Studies

Title: Long Tail Economics

Speaker: George Kubik


May 11, 2013

Futures Forum

Title: Theme to be set - start developing your ~ 5 minute pieces

Moderator: David Keenan  

REF: May 11, 2013 Issues


May 18, 2013

Technology Futures

Title: Technology Potpourri

Speaker: Hank Lederer



May 25, 2013

Society Management & Education Futures

Title: The Future of Minnesota Futurists

Moderator: TBA



June 1, 2013

Society, Health, Education SIG

Title: Health, Education Futures

Speaker: Connie Delaney (PHF, RN, FAAS, FACMI) School of Nursing Professor & Dean, University of Minnesota

Abstract: The Healthcare system faces increasing demands for primary services. Nursing education and practices, with it's focus on outcomes and analysis of multiple client conditions, is rapidly evolving.


2013 06 CDelaney.odp


June 8, 2013

Economic Futures

Title: Economics of Internet Security (Part I)

Moderator: Roger Rydberg

Speakers: Arnold Kwong & Bruce Healton

Internet Security Issues June 2013


June 15 2013

Technology Futures

Title: Are We Ready For Big Data?

Speakers: Brian Toren and Hank Lederer


Big Data is here. Organizations have been using Big Data for quite some time. Using Big Data Google and Yahoo and Facebook can track you and send you specific advertisements based on your likes and dislikes, and your searches on the web. Big data can also be tremendous invasion of your privacy and used for nefarious reasons. It is the ultimate in data mining. 


In examining Big Data in this SIG we will explain, what “Big Data” is, and how it is being used to solve real world problems. We illustrate the need for more hardware, software and analysis.  The job opportunities and education requirements (many not taught today) will be discussed. Real world cases are provided from monitoring epidemics, to solving a flying manhole cover problem, to finding the God particle (the Higgs boson). The potential threats and abuses will also be discussed. The participants will be polled to harvest their ideas of new uses for big data and compared with the literature.


Book Review "Who Owns The Future" http://tinyurl.com/c9aarn4

Fighting Words Against Big Data, by Jaron Lanier, author of "You Are Not A Gadget".

Using Metadata to Find Paul Revere - HTom Trites - http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/science/2013/06/prism_metadata_analysis_paul_revere_identified_by_his_connections_to_other.html

Five ways to protect yourself from government surveillance - article in Christian Science Monitor (David K) http://www.csmonitor.com/Innovation/2013/0612/Five-ways-to-protect-yourself-from-government-surveillance

Info and video from recent Data Analytics conference  http://minneanalytics.org/ (watch videos you missed) opens full conference schedule. 

How are Nasa And Others Collecting and Using Our Data

More on Big Data: Trust Us, We're From Silicon Valley



June 22, 2013

Society, Management and Education Futures

Title: The Future of Thinking to 2038

Speakers: Julie Wilgen & Bill Peter

Abstract:  Julie will challenge our thinking by discussing how her brain works. She will have a conversation with Bill Peter for 45 minutes, and then we will all have a 45 minute Q/A period to discuss the implications of her thinking patterns on The Future of Thinking to 2038.

Julie Wildgen is an artist out of necessity. The need to paint began as a balancing act – an attempt to offset the heavy demands of an analytical, left-brain job in the financial services industry against the fidgety, ethereal desire to create. With little formal art training and the desire to explore the possibilities of the mind, Julie will discuss how she utilizes intuitive “mental clues” given to her to help break through various personal barriers.

This method produced a painting of General Eisenhower speaking to the 101st Airborne on the eve of D-Day. It came to the attention of the surviving members of Easy Company, famously portrayed in the mini-series “Band of Brothers”, and several signed prints of the painting for a military charity.





June 29, 2013

Annual Meeting

Election of Officers 

Continued discussion of Future of MN Futurists




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