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Futurists Meetings

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Current Meeting & Topic Schedule

Regular Meetings are Saturdays from 9:30-11:30 AM   Directions

Knights of Columbus Building - Meeting Room, 1114 American Blvd West, Bloomington, MN 


Aug 24, 2013

Title:"Anticipatory Governance and the Future of American Governance"

Presenter: George Kubic


The world and the events that shape it are complex and uncertain. In this rapidly evolving milieu, the government of the United States shares a trait in common with other governments around the globe. Its hierarchical system of governance is “systemically myopic.” Its focus is primarily immediate and short-term in nature, and largely excludes oncoming events and developments. Its reliance on a future that is mythically shaped by character and “Yankee ingenuity” is increasingly out of touch with the rapidly accelerating world around it.


Leon Fuerth, Founder and Director of the Project on Forward Engagement (in conjunction with ex-president Al Gore, George Washington University, and others) has responded to this challenge by advancing two powerful and forward focused concepts: “Anticipatory Governance” and “Forward Engagement.” Fuerth’s efforts are intended to promote systemic longer-range thinking and the injection of futures components into government policy development and decision-making. Fuerth has created “Anticipatory Governance” and “Forward Engagement” as two robust alternatives to the dangers of myopic U.S. governance and straight-line extrapolation of trends. He documents the need of U.S. governance to exploit a wide-spectrum of methodologies for probing alternative futures.


Join us this Saturday (August 24, 2013) as we explore the exciting concepts of “Anticipatory Government” and “Forward Engagement.” Be prepared to actively envision and debate the future(s) of American governance, and ultimately—the future of
America. See you Saturday!







Topics Pending for 2012

Future schedule work in progress

Roundtable: Tech Breakthrough Forecasts for 2015-2020

See topics awaiting dates above.


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