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2018 Mn-Futurists Flyer (421seo)

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Minnesota Futurists Official Web Site is:



or our Meetup Group Page 



Our pledge as Minnesota Futurists


As a group of strategic thinkers, planners and lifelong learners, we engage in intellectual discussions

on the important early indicators that we see as potential future trends.


We challenge each other's imaginations to develop scenarios of what might happen in the future,

what probably will happen, and what we want to make happen or avoid to proactively create an ALT-Future!


Our original purpose is to advance the serious and responsible investigation of future scenarios,

without advocating particular ideologies or engaging in any political activities.


Mission: To provide a forum for discussing alternative futures.


Vision:  Get people to think about the future.


Values:  We believe every human being shapes the future.

               We respect and encourage differing worldviews.


Regular Meetings: Saturdays, 9:30-11:30 AM  


Knights of Columbus Bldg - Meeting Room,

1114 American Blvd West, Bloomington, MN

Guests are welcome.  Annual Membership is $30.

$3 donation is recommended for each meeting for coffee and pastries.

First time visitors are free


Distributed Learning Alt-Futures FAQ


Aaron W. - Minnesota Futurists (Minneapolis, MN) | Meetup



It's not that we know the future but we are interested in learning about current trends

and how they may develop going forward. 



IT Legacy Article Compendium - VIP Club


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Taxonomy for the Future - Isis Information Services


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Isabelle M. - Minnesota Futurists (Minneapolis, MN) | Meetup


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Freethinking Forum #129 - George Kubik MN Futurists - YouTube ...


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