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MN Dakota-GIS Online Library Perspectives

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HyperLink: https://conservancy.umn.edu/handle/11299/58494


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HyperLink: http://www.historicmapworks.com/


This work is licensed under a 
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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The newsletter will be produced on a quarterly basis and published online.

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Parcel ID: 10-00900-51-014


EAGAN MN 55121


Parcel data is current as of: 1/3/2018

Parcel ID: 10-00900-51-012


EAGAN MN 55121  


Parcel data is current as of: 1/3/2018


Utility Operations - City of Eagan

https://www.cityofeagan.com/utility-operations-2 (Website Reconfigured)

Utility Operations. The Utility Division is responsible for the continuing operation of the water supply treatment distribution system, the sanitary and storm conveyance system, and the maintenance of all the ponds and lakes within the storm system.

Responsibilities include the continuing operation and preventative ...


The Utility Division along with support from Barr Engineering have completed the State of Minnesota Health Department mandated Wellhead Protection Plan. This Wellhead Protection Plan refines aquifer layers within the boundaries of the City of Eagan and establishes protection for the wells that supply the drinking water.  Read more on how everyone benefits from a wellhead protection plan.


Wellhead Protection Plan Eagan, Minnesota - Granicus


Part 2: Wellhead Protection PlanEagan, Minnesota. Prepared for. City of Eagan. October 2014. I hereby certify that this Plan was prepared by me or under my ... P:\Mpls\23 MN\19\23191155 Eagan Wellhead Protection Plan\WorkFiles\Part 2 WHPP\Eagan Part 2 WHPP_final.docx i. Wellhead ...... 

Barr Engineering Company.


Contaminated Sites

In addition to Minnesota Pollution Control Agency statutes, rules and guidelines,

Dakota County ordinances may also apply to contaminated sites in the County. 


County Ordinance 110 – Solid Waste Management 

County Ordinance 111 – Hazardous Waste Regulation 

County Ordinance 113 – Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems (Septic Systems)

County Ordinance 114 – Well and Water Supply Management

County Ordinance 132 – Dakota County Storm Drain System

If soil or groundwater contamination is identified on your property, contact the

Environmental Resources Department, 952-891-7000, for assistance and further information.


If buried solid waste is identified on your property, contact Environmental Resources Department – Waste Regulation Unit, 952-891-7557.


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ITEM #US30734
Mendota Heights, Mendota Village, Lilydale Village
From Dakota County 1964, Minnesota
Published by Title Atlas Company in 1964
View all the images in Dakota County 1964 ... http://www.historicmapworks.com/Atlas/US/7962/

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